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We believe that the forensic experts of the future will work digitally, distributed and collaboratively. The education of these future experts is an important part of our vision. Coming from a university background ourselves, we believe that it is essential to give the next generation access to the best tools and so they can leave their mark on the world.

Skeleton-based identification

Even though DNA profiling and automated fingerprint ID software are widely available, there is a considerable number of cases in which human remains can not be identified with these techniques.

Skeleton-based ID, which is especially suited for badly preserved cadavers (burnt, putrefied, skeletonized), represents 40 to 50% of bodies subjected to autopsy.



Missing and Unidentified people Database and Virtual Lab, Case Files, Reports, Statistics, Access Management etc.


· Craniofacial Superimposition
· Dental Comparison
· Biological Profile
· Comparative Radiography


What is

Skeleton·ID is a game-changing software solution that combines identification techniques with Artificial Intelligence and integrates them into one single tool.

Allows different types of input data for missing and unidentified people. The software can process photos, 3D models, x-rays, personal information, and dental records and can compare this data with entire databases automatically by Artificial Intelligence. This makes the large-scale application of skeleton-based identification possible for the first time.

Panacea is a spin-off of the University of Granada. Our ongoing cooperation guarantees access to the latest research and leading experts in the field. Several of the founding partners of Panacea come from the same university. Our mission is to democratize skeleton-based identification and contribute a solution to the rising global identification crises.

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